The Wild Honey Guide to Kopi – Singapore Coffee at it’s Best!


Whether you’re a tourist or a local, a kopi pro or latte expert, everyone at some point needs a low-down on the seemingly endless choices of coffee available in Singapore!

At Wild Honey, we are as passionate about our coffee as we are about our all-day-breakfasts! And with the introduction of our latest coffee sensation – the Turmeric Latte – we thought it was a good time to write our very own “Guide to Coffee” at Wild Honey!

Whilst we don’t make coffee the local Singapore way (see links below for guides to local Singapore kopi), we have curated one of Singapore’s most delectable coffee menus using our own in-house blend of Common Man coffee beans, roasted here in Singapore. From a classic cappuccino to the unique experience of our famous Iced Latte, you can stick with what you know or try something new to enjoy some of the best coffee in Singapore…


Iced Latte

One of our most Instagrammed coffees at Wild Honey is our Iced Latte. Frozen cubes of cold brew coffee in a glass which you then pour over warm milk and add sugar syrup to your liking. There’s nothing quite like a bit of ‘make your own’ at the table to get you excited for that first sip!

Photo credit: @scottssquare on Instagram


Turmeric Latte

Balancing your health goals and coffee fix all in one… the new Turmeric Latte brings together organic turmeric from our friends @egajuiceclinic, @commonmancoffee cold brew coffee, @almomilk almond milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar & black pepper. Also available in non-coffee version for the caffeine-free fans too.

Photo credit: @officiallydelicious on Instagram


Iced Wild Mocha Dolce

Espresso, chocolate, milk & honey – it is a hot chocolate & coffee blended into one smooth and decadent drink.

“My favorite dessert drink. Rich chocolate, strong coffee. Best paired with their lovely scone!” reviewed by Cheryl Ng on Burpple

Photo credit @wendy_chua on Instagram

Iced Cold Brew

You’ve probably heard of Cold Brew Coffee but maybe you haven’t yet tried it? Due to the lower acidity (According to a study done by Toddy, cold brew coffee is over 67% less acidic than hot brewed coffee!), it is sweeter and smoother than a traditional hot coffee. This is because the coffee grounds aren’t exposed to high temperatures – this can mean more flavour and less bitterness. Maybe the next thing you try on a hot Singapore day?

Flavoured Lattes

You not only get to choose a flavour – you can also choose whether it is served hot or cold! Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla or Roasted Almond – all of them deserve a try for those who like to really change up their coffee!


The Classic Coffee Selection

Cappuccino, Latte and Flat White are always a staple go-to on our menu. And we even offer the classic French Press for those who do want a coffee that is more like the local Singaporean Kopi. Long Black, Espresso, Macchiatto & Piccolo Latte are also on offer for the more discerning coffee lovers.

Photo credit: Jamie Oliver Guide to Coffees

Introducing Unlimited Black Coffee…

We now serve our Wild Honey house blend black coffee with unlimited refill at both outlets. Just ask our waitstaff when you are served.


Miss Behaving…

And who can’t resist the temptation for a little miss behaving with your coffee & dessert? Why not combine the two with the Wild Honey Affogato with a kick – espresso, smooth Kahlua & heavenly scoop of ice cream…

Photo credit: @wildhoneysg on Instagram

You can find an excellent reference guide to Singapore local kopi terms here at the Chope blog and if you’re wondering why a kopi sets you back a fraction of the price of an espresso, latte or cappuccino, you can read this very detailed post from the Seth Lui blog here: Difference between Singapore Kopi and Espresso.

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