A Taste of Jerusalem – A Culinary Coup for Singapore


It’s perhaps hard for many Singaporeans to imagine, with a culture that is so steeped in food, but there is one global food trend that has yet to hit our shores.

Israeli & Jerusalem street food is one of the hottest food scenes to emerge over the last few years. From its birthplace in Jerusalem it has taken over the hearts and stomachs of New York,. London, Frankfurt, Sydney & beyond.

At Wild Honey we are in love with this food and are beyond thrilled to have the chance to open our kitchen to a world-renowned chef who will weave his magic with flavours and textures.

Chef Yossi Elad in Kitchen Takeover 2nd – 7th November @ Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery.

Chef Yossi is widely recognized as one of the trailblazers of the modern Israeli food movement. With his passion and vision he was co – founder of the brilliant and loved Machneyuda in Jerusalem & London’s The Palomar both considered to be leading lights in their respective cities.

Wild Honey’s heart lives in dishes inspired by different cultures & culinary traditions

We have a passion for sharing our love of food with our guests and the new style Israeli food gives us an amazing canvas on which to play using the fiery & lively flavours of harissa, zhug, tahini, labne, preserved lemons & sumac to name a few.

There’s no food quite like it.There is a palpable buzz and a deep sensory satisfaction when you tuck into this food with its exquisite fusion of the old & new.  And we have a wonderful & tasty all day menu to thrill you over these special six days with Yossi.

Come see Chef Yossi in action & join us for a slice of modern-day Jerusalem with lively music, boutique Israeli wines, liquors & specially created mocktails.

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