Meet the Team

Rodora Elegado
Service Quality Manager

Wild Honey provides me with different trainings that equip me to face challenges that come along the way. Having been cross trained in different areas of the restaurant- kitchen, bar, floor and hosting enables me to understand the operations more effectively.

I've worked here for four and a half years now, from the small space at Mandarin Gallery (now we have a bigger space)to the opening Wild Honey on Scotts Square. We never stop innovating to make things better each and every day. I can say this is truly the company I fell in love with.

Cindy Bueno
Service Quality Manager

One of the highlights of my career for the past 4 years, is being part of the opening team at Wild Honey Scotts Square.

It is challenging but yet I learn a lot of things and it also provide us the warm sense of community through teamwork, passion and unity. The thing that I loved most in this company, is having the opportunity to cross-train to other departments which helps us to develop our skills and give us more confidence to faced unexpected challenges.

It is an honor to be working for a successful business.

Rei Sioson
Service Quality Manager

I have been working for Wild Honey for 4 years now, and I can say that I have grown and learnt so much. The founder has taught me a lot, from teaching me how to believe in myself, how to trust people, and how I should always be of service for my guests.

I am now a Restaurant Manager, and effectively running the operations. I am very proud and very grateful to be a part of a successful team who aim and strive to give an Excellent Service to our guest’s every day.

Lean Rada
Guest Relations

Wild Honey has been the most challenging experience in my entire career life. Wild Honey is a company that makes me feel like I'm part of their family.

Their commitment to excellence and training are the reasons why Iam now equipped with knowledge that goes beyond customer service.

Jamie Cubcubin
Service Quality Manager

Motivation, Inspiration and Passion - these are just a few of the many positive values that Wildhoney inculcates in me every day. It is really amazing how the company encourages you to grow to your full potential.

A very professional environment that prepares you with rigid training and guidance. Motivation to strive for the best every day, Inspiration to lead by example and living your Passion to commit success.

MariRose Ann Cheng - Maan
Junior Sous Chef

In the years I have been working at Wild Honey I can say that I am very proud to be working in a restaurant that offers such unique flavours and dishes.

Being a girl inside a hot kitchen is tough but this is one challenge I can say I have overcome. I am very fortunate to have been given a chance to grow and develop my skills as the years have passed.

Here, we work closely together with people from different cultures and background but we are bonded like family from different parents guiding each other in every step of the process.

Eddy Tan
HR Executive

Wild Honey has given me the opportunity to say yes to what I love most  - great food, great people, great team and a great workplace. I'm constantly learning, growing, adapting and upgrading myself to keep abreast of the current changes and trends.

I have joined a great company that makes me feel at home and that I'm falling in love with more everyday.

David Poh

Head Chef

Meet our head chef David - the man in charge of the most beautiful breakfasts from around the world.
David has been a member of the Wild Honey family since 2012 and has grown into the role of head chef responsible for all 3 of our restaurants in Singapore. We believe in homegrown talent and promoting from within; giving people the chance to grow personally and professionally sometimes out of their comfort zone.
David is most at home over a hot open flame but when eating his favourite dish is our Brittany - he has a sweet tooth and especially loves the contrast of sweet and salty, and the unbeatable combo of Nutella and banana.