Preparations for safe re-opening on 19th June in full swing

As you are all too aware, with the Singapore circuit breaker taking effect on 7th April, all our dining rooms have been closed for dine-in ever since. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who has continued to support our business through this tremendously challenging time by ordering takeouts or islandwide delivery. But let’s be honest; it’s not quite the same, is it? Our business is all about people, hospitality and making people feel good. Restaurants. cafes, bars and clubs provide such an important social and cultural grist in all societies. They are where people gather with friends and family to well, socialise. Meet up. Gossip. Go on first dates or last dates. Celebrate birthdays or promotions. Do business. Get engaged. And so much more. Going out to meet over food, coffee and wine is probably one of the things that people all over the world have missed the most. And for us, we can’t tell you how much we just miss meeting, greeting and seeing you all face to face, we miss the friendly banter, the laughter and chatter that usually fills our dining rooms. And just like everyone else we’re itching to reopen our doors once it is safe to do so.


When this will happen, we can’t say for sure but what is sure is that we will be prepared. Restaurants are very well equipped to keep diners safe. After-all its what we do everyday, all day. But the pandemic has meant that we all have to up our game and be even more vigilant. The single most important thing to us is the continued health, safety and wellbeing of our incredible team and our guests. And so, we have been spending the last few weeks on upping our safe-reopening approach and procedures.

It goes without saying that Wild Honey will comply with all government requirements however we always believe in going above and beyond. So here’s a glimpse of a few of the things we’ve been working on so we can welcome you back in the safest possible way.

Contactless Ordering & Payment:

At Wild Honey we have been cashless for a while. We have eliminated the need for cash to change hands and you are able to conveniently pay via all major credit cards and payment gates. We had also piloted contactless ordering with Waittr prior to the circuit breaker but have now taken the decision to roll this out into all outlets. Farewell printed menus, hello electronic ordering all from your own device. Its really as simple as ABC but our friendly staff will be with you to guide and help you when you need it.

PureZone AntiViral and AntiBacterial Film:

We are applying a revolutionary new material to all surfaces which impedes viral adherence & transmission. PureZone anti-microbial adhesive PVC film is a skin-friendly, ecological coating that reduces bacteria adherence by a proven 99.9% for up to 5 years.

Hand Sanitiser Stations:

We have moved beyond the temporary measures we used before the Circuit Breaker and will have permanent contactless hand sanitiser stands for use on entering and exiting the dining rooms.

Safe Zones:

All seating and floor plans in our dining rooms have already been replanned to ensure safe distancing. Individual tables have been spaced out to 1 metre or more and communal tables have been measured for and fitted with movable Perspex dividers.

Masks and Gloves:

This has been our new normal for a while now. Masks for everyone, a rigorous hygiene and cleaning protocol and gloves to be worn at all times.


We’ll be providing more updates as the time gets closer to reopening. In the meantime we are all ready to welcome you back home to Wild Honey and can’t wait to see you and serve you in person once again.



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