Star Chef Yossi Elad To Wow Singapore With His Unique Culinary Heritage


Wild Honey looks forward to welcoming Chef Yossi to our kitchens this coming November. Widely acknowledged to be a trailblazer in the new Israeli food movement, Chef Yossi is preparing a menu that incorporates his favourite ingredients and dishes that bring him joy.

Raised amongst the orchards of an agricultural settlement in Israel, Yossi inherited his passion for good food from this father, helping prepare food for family and friends with ingredients straight from their farm like fresh milk, eggs and vegetables which fostered a respect for ingredients.

Yossi’s cooking comes from the heart. He loves people and believes that the people he cooks for are as important as the food he cooks. His philosophy is very simple cook the food you know and love.

Yossi was Influenced early on by the multi-ethnic culinary mosaic of Israeli cuisine that surrounded him daily. In his years as a young chef, he worked in notable restaurants in the hills of Jerusalem, where he mastered the art of bread baking and Mediterranean herb foraging.

In the past decade, Chef Elad has been involved in the founding of the MachneYuda Group, consisting of seven highly acclaimed restaurants Talbiye, Hasadna, Yudal, and Machneyuda in Jerusalem; The Palomar and The Barbary in London; and Balagnan in Paris

The restaurants are all considered milestones in the Israeli culinary scene, drawing foodies from all over the world to taste the unique innovative Jerusalem market cuisine. They rely heavily on seasonal ingredients to create dishes that draw inspiration from a myriad of cuisines influential to the new wave of Israeli dishes that are served with a hip and lively vibe.

Since 2014 Yossi Elad has been operating as executive chef of “The Palomar” London, which has won awards including OFM’s “BEST RESTAURANT in London, 2015, and “TATLER RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR 2015”.

Yossi is also a member of Chefs for Peace non-profit organisation & of the international Slow Food movement, supporting the use of local ingredients.

His culinary heritage is recognized widely, and celebrated with special invitations from restaurants & organizations world-wide. In 2017 he was invited to prepare meals for New York’s Hungarian Consulate and also 11 day stint in Frankfurt at the Frankfurt’s Club Michel. Another invite was extended by the Israeli Embassy of Columbia & his culinary delights were celebrated at the Columbia Food Festival. Following a successful pop-up in Frankfurt in 2016, a new venture is being developed there for the near future.

“A brilliant artist once said something that I also now use: ‘Great chefs copy, genius chefs steal!’”

Excerpt from The Palomar Cookbook with permission of Chef Yossi Elad.

Now Singapore, it is our turn for this culinary star to grace our shores and excite our senses. We are just so excited to extend a warm welcome to Yossi Elad in Singapore for the first time this November.

For more information, please read about the Wild Honey A Taste of Jerusalem Event here.

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