Asia Cuisine Magazine Puts Wild Honey Signature Pastrami to the Taste Test


Pastrami is a Wild Honey favourite – we make it to a long-held family recipe and it features in some of our most popular dishes of all time – the Delancey & the Grilled Ruben.

So it goes without saying that we were thrilled that Asia Cuisine magazine featured our very own Pastrami in their recent Pastrami & Bagel tasting session. 

The Singapore tasting panel included Talia Amit, Guy Wachs, Bianca Hirschowitz & Ronen Arielly, all with a strong link to the Jewish Pastrami roots & culinary aficionados!


“This is the most beautiful full-flavoured, incredible beef-brisket pastrami. A lovely taste of pepper and salt. It’s soft and moist, melts in the mouth, with nice lines of fat, and a nice texture.” Ronen Arielly

A Jewish American deli favourite, Asia Cuisine magazine says it, “became a staple of New York deli food from as far back as the late 1800s when it was thought to have been brought to the United States by Romanian Jews.”

“This is definitely a pastrami I would buy. It has a lovely flavour; briny, and peppery.  I would say it’s a perfect beef brisket pastrami.” Biance Hirschowitz

It is made by curing & smoking beef brisket in home-made spice mix and served hot or cold in a variety of dishes – most popular in America is of course with rye bread & mustard & pickles.


The Grilled Ruben – Pastrami Sandwich at Wild Honey

Wild Honey took this all-time favourite to create our classic Grilled Ruben. Exclusive to our Scotts Square outlet, it has hand sliced pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, Russian dressing on grilled rye. Served with pickles, it is Pastrami-lovers heaven! Take from this Burppler reviewer word for it, or come and try it for yourself:

“Hearty sandwich with the perfect balance of crunch, juiciness, and flavor. Love the use of Swiss cheese for that strong, nutty flavor and the Russian dressing was tangy, with a hint of heat making it super addictive!” Victoria Hii, Level 8 Burppler · 710 Reviews · Jun 13, 2018


The Delancey – Pastrami Benedict at Wild Honey

And we couldn’t resist combining an all-time breakfast favourite with our own Pastrami to make the delicious Delancey – Pastrami Benedict featuring pastrami, poached eggs & grain mustard Hollandaise on signature brioche. Also exclusive to our Scotts Square outlet.


The Brooklyn – Double Pastrami Burger at Wild Honey

And we couldn’t stop there – the recent Father’s Day special, the Brooklyn Double Pastrami Burger, was so popular we have added it as a permanent addition to the menu at both outlets. Featuring a mouth-watering beef & beef pastrami patty topped with our hand sliced pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickled zucchini & Russian dressing. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

Asia Cuisine – May/June 2018 Issue: Pastrami & Bagels: Jewish American Deli Favourites

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