‘The Finder Singapore’ names Wild Honey one of the best places for gluten free dining

At Wild Honey we believe that everyone should be able to eat amazingly well regardless of their nutritional or dietary needs or preferences. We are extremely proud to offer a variety of gluten free, dairy free, grain free, vegan and vegetarian options.

At both of our Singapore venues, diners can choose from a range of gluten free dishes, clearly marked as gluten free on the menu – no guess work needed. We are also more than happy to accommodate requests for gluten free options, where possible. Our gluten free options range from our hearty breakfasts, fresh and filling salads to even desserts. Some of our favourites include:

THE NORWEGIAN: avocado,  grilled asparagus spears, poached eggs, wrapped with Norwegian salmon, Hollandaise sauce & salmon pearls on wholewheat brioche.

THE KOREAN: spicy gochugaru seared Australian sirloin, raw bok choy, ribboned kale, avocado, pickled onion & radish topped with Brussel sprouts kimchi, sesame seeds & herbs with sesame oil dressing.

DOUBLE-BAKED CHOCOLATE CAKE: a rich gluten free chocolate cake served with cream or ice-cream.


Thank you so much “The Finder Singapore” for your shout out and for naming us one of the best places to enjoy gluten free dining in Singapore.

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