Wild Honey’s vegetarian and vegan fare that’s far from boring

Have you tried meatless Mondays, vegan January or decided to go 100% vegan all together? Regardless of whether you are vegetarian, flexitarian,  vegan or simply looking for lighter or healthier indulgence, at Wild Honey we believe in offering delicious plant based options that go beyond the ‘oh well, I’ll have the fries then’.

THE CALIFORNIAN: Softly scrambled tofu, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms with Sriracha, fresh herbs and eggplant bacon on grilled sour dough.


THE AMAZON: superfood bowl with organic açai berry, mixed berries, coconut water, house granola, chia seeds, baked coconut, tropical fruits & coconut yoghurt.


THE BERKELEY: clean house baked granola, coconut yoghurt, peach and apricot compote & berries.


Finding it difficult to find restaurants and cafes that offer plant-based options? At Wild Honey, we’re proud to be featured on both happycow.net and abillionveg.com.  Both platforms make it easier to find vegan friendly places in your area or when you’re travelling.


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