Wild Honey’s pancakes almost too pretty to eat

‘Nothing can stack up to these flippin’ pancakes in Singapore’

The Honeycombers

Pancakes – an absolute crowd pleaser. Do you like yours savoury or sweet? With fruits or strip bacon? May we offer you some Canadian Maple Syrup on the side?

This is what our friends at The Honeycombers think about our pancakes:

‘A popular spot amongst breakfast fanatics, Wild Honey has two pancake choices (think quality over quantity). The Canadian is a fluffy pile of buttermilk pancakes served with candied bacon, hibiscus berry compote and Candian maple syrup, while the Tahitian is a coconut-based pancake that comes with fresh mangoes, passion fruit, yoghurt and maple syrup – it’s almost too pretty to eat!’

Meet our classic Canadian buttermilk Pancakes with candied strip bacon, hibiscus-berry compote & Canadian maple syrup. A heavenly combination of just the right amount of savoury and sweet.

Or may we tempt you to try something a tad more tropical? Say hello to our Tahitian pancakes: coconut pancakes with coconut yoghurt, fresh mango, passionfruit and maple syrup.

Read all about The Honeycombers’ pancakes review here.




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