Experience Exquisite Israeli Food in Singapore with Yossi’s Menu

We’re getting excited! The buzz around the Taste of Jerusalem event is palpable. Nearly all bookings are sold out and Singapore is ready to welcome world-renowned Chef Yossi Elad for his kitchen takeover of Wild Honey Mandarin Gallery.

We are proud to give you a glimpse of what Yossi hs put together for his 6-day sojourn in our kitchens. His menu will feature a modern and innovative take on Jerusalem style market food highlighting his love affair with ingredients such as cured lemons, white and brown tahini, spicy hot harissa, sumac and labne and more.

With a menu featuring standouts such as a duelling duo of shakshukas, Yossi’s very own Shakshukit – a deconstructed spiced kebab with tahini, schug, harissa & handmade pita; Sabich an Israeli sandwich where crispy fried eggplant is the hero perfect for eating any time of day and a slab of perfectly cooked hanger steak and its juices flowing into gorgeously crisp, addictive latkes.

To add a sweet touch we’ll be preparing a small selection of special desserts to accompany the menu including a traditional malabi with rosewater & raspberry syrup & a moreish halva tahini & dark chocolate brownie.

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Special wines and cocktails will also be available featuring wines from two Israeli wineries – GV’AOT and Barkan and curated drinks based around Seedlips’ amazing distilled non-alcoholic spirits.

Don’t forget this menu is available for an exclusive six days only. And it’s available All Day. Everyday. A limited WIld Honey menu will be available during this time. Walks in welcome but reservations highly recommended.



While not a Jerusalem dish per se it was inspired by Iraqi Jews settling near Tel Aviv around the 1950’s. With its mishmash of ingredients, it represents the jumble and mix of cultures and foods of the region This is the quintessential Tel Aviv sandwich and usually features eggplant in some form or other, hard boiled eggs & a riot of vegetables, hummus wrapped together in a pita.

Yossi’s version will showcase crispy eggplant and a spicy lamb merguez sausage, eggs, potato, tahini and various herbs with handmade pita bread.


Onglet or Hangar Steak comes from the diaphragm area of the cow & is a favourite with chef’s and butchers. Also known as Butcher’s Cut as it was said that butchers recognised its superior flavour and kept them for themselves. This cut has a stronger taste but is made tender with fibres that give give it a lot of character. Cooked quickly at very high heat it is best served medium rare.

On the Taste of Jerusalem menu, the Ongletis paired with grilled romaine & addictive latkes. These typically Jewish fried potato fritters are especially good and can be eaten with savoury or sweet toppings. In our version, they are savoury and plated to soak up the yummy juices of the steak. Absolutely delicious. And did we say addictive?


This dish was born in the kitchens of the Machneyuda restaurant in Jerusalem. Chef Yossi tired of the traditional kebab with tahini & reinvented it with this deconstructed version of the classic dish served in small fry pans. The various toppings and the pita bread make it the ultimate mopping dish. In every bite, there is a different flavour – tahighurt – a blend of yoghurt and tahini, cured lemon paste, fiery red harissa & pistachios

It proved so popular it graces the menu of The Palomar London and is sure to be a highlight on the Taste of Jerusalem menu here in Singapore. This is one of our personal favourites and is a must try.


No one really knows exactly who created the original Boureka – the Turks or the Bulgarians. But does it really matter – as this delicious & versatile dish is just at home at breakfast, lunch or as a snack or more substantial meal. In Israel, the Boureka is a typical Friday brunch dish.

The crispy puff pastry is traditionally filled with cheese, mashed potatoes or spinach and you can find these in the market on any given day. To make it more sophisticated boiled eggs, tahini, pickles & other ingredients can be incorporated to create a more substantial & intriguing feast.

In our version Yossi uses an eggplant stew mixed with goat cheese and yoghurt with boiled eggs, fiery harissa and ambah as accents to give it a more contemporary and punchy spin.


Shakshuka means to shake or a mixture & is simply a dish of eggs braised in tomato, bell peppers, garlic and chilli stew. The Wild Honey Tunisian was one of the first Shakshuka to appear in Singapore and after 10 years it is still going strong.

Originating in Tunisia (hence the name of our dish) this breakfast and brunch dish is popular all across the Maghreb and first appeared in Israel in the 1950’s by Jews migrating from that region. It’s the perfect all day breakfast dish – warm, soothing nourishing With a base of tomatoes and red peppers the traditional shakshuka is red however newer styles are green in hue and use a lot of green vegetables including spinach, kale, leeks, green peppers.

The taste of Jerusalem menu will feature Yossi’s red version which is a little like ours but different and a green version using lots of spinach and other green vegetables and herbs. All have an egg cracked and cooked in the pan. We will have the addition of the lamb merguez sausage.


A classic Palestinian dish that literally means ‘something that is heated’. Traditionally composed of roasted chicken baked with onions, sumac, allspice, saffron, and toasted pine nuts it is served over long flat lafa bread.

Lafa bread is larger, thicker and chewier than pita bread with more character and is the  perfect bread to soak up all the delicious flavours & juices of the Musakhan.

Yossi has created a version that incorporates a mix of baked and shredded chicken and sirloin and exotic spices, amazing sumac’d onions, hummus, chillis, grilled tomatoes and chickpeas presented on lafa bread which has been specially made for us for the event by our friends at The Pita Bakery.

View the full menu here: A Taste of Jerusalem Event Menu

Full Event Information: Wild Honey A Taste of Jerusalem

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